domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014



He steps on stage
and I see his long greyish hair
covering his face,
he smiles
as he reads.
I listen,
his voice is soft
with an accent
that makes me think
of ancient times.
 He talks about trees
far away from here
and I can see them,
I can smell them,
I can sit underneath their shadows;
happiness seemed a violent possibility,
but a sadness outbreak
killed everything in that valley
and an outburst of sorrow
burnt out the city and the tears.
I wanted to pretend I was dead too
I returned to the small theatre
and there he was, again
smiling at me,
gazing at me,
as I applauded him.
How could I explain him
after all
I’d become a dragonfly
and I am bound to die
24 hours from now.
How to explain someone
you cannot stay?


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