domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

The Tram

The Tram

He asks what time is it
I say I don’t know
but I have to leave soon
he wants to fuck me again
and I’m so happy
sex with him makes me happy
he says it might take an hour
and I smile.
He kisses me and squeezes my face,
he whispers in my ear
I want to cum inside of you
I want you to drip my semen
while you’re on your way home
in the tram

and I squeeze my legs and
even though he has not even
touched me, yet.
I lay and he’s on me,
I look at him
his face changes during sex
his features become tougher
and his grip is less gentle
more aggressive,
that drives me mad.
He thrusts his sex into me
and he thrusts deeper and deeper
each time
and I only want to bite his
flesh, peel off his skin
swallow him;
I only want more
not less than that.
And he pushes again
looking at me
and his lips are parted
and the tip of his tongue
touches  his front teeth
and we smile,
we smile and moan
in a proportional way.
He grasps my two legs
 around his waist
and turns me over,
now I’m on top of him
and I move slowly
up and down
in and out
and I just want to stay there
moving until I
fall mortally wounded
and I feel it
I’m about to die for a few seconds
and I just want to stay there
dead with my orgasm
pulsing me, killing me
over and over again.
He turns me over
now he’s behind
and I want him to possess me
to thrusts his sex aggressively
to cum inside
and he says
he’s going to come
and I feel my second orgasm
coming out of his words.
And he comes
he fills me
like death fills a
Thirty minutes later
I’m in the tram
and I feel his cum
running down my legs
and I can’t do anything
 but laughing
squeezing my legs
controlling the impulse
of having a new orgasm.
In bed he asked me
what do you want to do with me?
and I answered

(even dripping your semen on my way back in the tram.)


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