jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

5 fragments: The Museum of Innocence (Orhan Pamuk)


Her long neck, the dip in her abdomen that was like no other, the blending of sincerity and suspicion in her eyes at the same instant, their melancholic honesty.

Could I be in love with her? The profound happiness I felt made me anxious. I was confused, my soul teetering between the danger of taking this joy too seriously and the crassness of taking it too lightly.

Actually, I would have preferred it if you had lied to me… because people only tell lies when there is something they are terribly frightened of losing.

… Now all these years later, I think that the best way to preserve happiness may be not to recognize it for what it is. I ignored it then, not out of a wish to protect it, but rather out of a fear of a great misery fast approaching …


Any intelligent person knows that life is a beautiful thing and that the purpose of life is to be happy […] but it seems only idiots are ever happy. How can you explain this?

- Orhan Pamuk

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