lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

I would say yes


           When I stared at him
through listless eyes
he would sit down in front of me
just to look into my eyes,
we knew there was no need
of breaking our silence,
we knew we were safe.
Sometimes he would become a bird
jumping out of his balcony
and flying
just to come back some hours later,
sometimes his flat would be full of cats
- fornicated cats
sad and intelligent cats
but specially hungry cats -
In the long Summer afternoons
we would sit down looking at
the sand of the Sahara
that the wind brought 
every sunset to the sky.
We would read poetry and novels
and we would cry
he would read to me and his voice
would break at some point
and I would caress him
and kiss his forehead
I would be tender
as if kissing my dog
and if someone would ask me
years later

if I was happy
I would say yes,
those were one
 of the happiest moments

in my life.


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