sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Fragment Carole Maso from The Art Lover

There are more than six ways, of course,
but this six-sided glass building
with its six different views poses
limitations of its own, challenges.

They were robin’s egg blue, your eyes
and also the sky. You spread
open my thighs. Outside I noticed the field
was being hayed. I cut my hand on the blades
of your blond hair.

In my mind as we
slowly rotate you turn from
man to woman to faun to wood
nymph and back again. Man.
Woman. Bobcat, bear, swan.
Dolphin, under and over and under me,
then you change again.

How lucky we were to be facing
west when the sun set. Your
head sinking to meet me.
regard for the bed.

I confuse early spring for winter.
It’s easy with you gnawing on my neck.
I confuse my blood with the crimson sun
which has long ago set but
still burns in my head. I confuse
the red with the firetruck as you move into me now.
I confuse my own screams of pleasure with sirens.
With terror.

Think of something fast—a story
in the dark to prolong this sixth pleasure:
For uniting what were their names?
Delphinus, the Dolphin, was placed among the stars.
To humiliate Cassiopeia half the year
She must hang upside down.
The Dolphin was placed in the sky—
it’s no use, to the think of the spring sky
with your fingers on my own beating
Spring. The stars pulsate.
You and me and the stars are one.

-Carole Maso

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