martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Karadzic's poems (two)

Radovan Karadzic was born in 1945 in Savnik, Montenegro. He was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 1995; arrested  by the Serbian authorities and transferred to the ICTY in 2008, he pleaded not guilty and is now facing trial in The Hague. The alleged crimes committed by Karadzic are: Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide (which includes of course the events in Srebrenica) and War Crimes. He was a founding member of the Serbian Democratic Party. He chose self-representation, but he has a legal counselor who describes him as a very bright man who loves to read and to write. He is an alleged war criminal but also a poet. I leave you two poems to read.


Untitled I

This fateful hour stiffened and reached the sky 
Like a tree it now binds all existence in its branches 
I am the cause of universal distress 
A certain knight called Moses secretly fears me 
From this fateful hour hours pass by upward like my head 
And you are bound by some chilly 
By some frosty terror 
It's only the snake-like world that changed-its dirty skin 
For the moment 
It is only I who sprouted from the Universe like the morning star 
And the Universe blushed with envy and changed colors 
It is only cowards eating their cowardice 
And their non-existent strength 
It is I speaking and burning 
I won't be silent after all 
And let the crowd go to the devil past redemption
I'll handle you in no time 
And without much ado 
And right at this moment 
A tomcat shall peep at the neighborhood kitty through a chink
And two lovers 
Shall stand by the first casket on hand 
And kiss each other as I command 

Untitled II

I surmise the sun is wounding me
With its sharp malignant rays
I surmise the stars are healing me
I am the deity of dark cosmic space
A horned cow reveals a faithless goddess
Everything's turned against me the one true god
I created the world to tear my head off
Judges torture me for insignificant acts
I am disgusted by the souls who radiate nothing
Like a small nasty puppy puny death
Is approaching from afar
I don't know what to make of all these things
But I can't stand the sight of you you file of scum
You file of snails
Well hurry up in your slime
Because if I can turn my words into thunder
I can turn you into a pool of stagnant water
Now that I am in this crazy fervor of mine
I could do just about anything
So your stupid rotten your vain souls
Wouldn't stare at me with their stupid peaceful eyes
If you take women out of the equation
I don't even know what
These slimy creatures are for
What all their words are for
What their lectures are for
I demand and I want just as God rightfully wants
The immediate abolition of all things
Without a purpose and with no beauty
Without a purpose
And no soundness

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