martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

I've smelled their fear (CR)

I’ve seen them crying, I’ve seen them shouting
I’ve heard them calling their mothers
with desperate and idiotic voices
I’ve seen their executioners rejoicing
I’ve felt the anger in their craving stomachs
I’ve seen the look of death in their eyes
I’ve seen them wandering around in a
five meters long cell
I’ve seen them crapping on the floor
where later on they will eat again
I’ve seen the worms in their wounds
I’ve smelled the stench of their sorrow
I’ve seen pity and indifference
crying for them
and I’ve heard those who promise a future
and I’ve seen their saliva splashing on the faces of the people
full of lies and bacterias
and they say: we’re full of love
and love is like that: unbalanced, unstable, unjust
but everything is going to be ok,
we promise
We promise
we promise
and the streets are full of dirt and emptiness
and consumed by starving dogs and cats
that hurt me
who will get poisoned because they represent
a health issue for the government
Sir, politicians are the health issue of my country.
And the hospitals are full of dead
if you’re wounded: you know you’re dead
if you’re sick: you know you’re dead
if you need treatment: you know you’re dead
they’ve become morgues
where no one can be saved
but frozen.
They don’t know what future looks like
future for them is the probability of a next meal
I’ve seen that prostitution has the face of a kid
who later on will be diagnosed with HIV
but there’s no treatment for you kid
you’ve been fucked and you’re dead
I’ve seen power sentencing the powerless
I’ve seen the promise of communism
dissolving in the gutters of cocaine and urine
I’ve seen people ending the hysteria
with a rope, or a gun, or a knife
I’ve smelled their fear

and I share it.


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