sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

And a child will be born

And a child will be born

The winds will blow their faces
cries and history will unite them
they’ll meet death early one day.

The steps will create constellations of blood
a car will break down in the middle of the path
in a city on fire
a couple will make love among the ruins.

The immortals will raise their swords
against defeat
when they learn that love dies too
and they are to survive it.

An era of revolutions will surpass their disappointment.

I’ll be nothing 
and salvation will come
 through self-denial
when the age of tragedy comes to an end.

And a child will be born in 1989
she’ll survive the buffeting from life
and she’ll quickly learn to fear people.

 She’ll die young
mocking tragedy and frivolity
humans won’t find a hint of peace
on her pale face.


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