jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Fragment by Jean Amery: On Suicide

Who am I? The body that also is already slipping away. Still more precisely: the face, which is body and perhaps more than that. It wants to see itself in the mirror when someone dies by his or her own hand (people who shoot themselves are often found in their blood in front of a mirror). If the face finds itself, it finds eyes that now strain to stare at each other in fours, a mouth distorted by fear...

"So that's what I am. But why am I that?" The ego's experience of horror in front of the mirror is not reserved for the suicidal. It also turns up as an everyday phenomenon and, by the way, can hardly ever be produced by a willful decision. As soon as it happens, it has the character of a sudden fall.

-Jean Améry, On Suicide

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