martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

My notes from Kundera Part VII of Immortality

1.       ‘There is nothing more useless,’ Avenarius said, ‘than trying to prove something to idiots.’

2.       … but that enormous perfection overwhelms us, it surpasses the capacity of our memory…

3.       It was necessary at last to end the terror of the immortals.

4.       ‘I don’t deny those symphonies their perfection,’ continued Paul. ‘I only deny the importance of that perfection. Those super-sublime symphonies are nothing but cathedrals of the useless. They are inaccessible to man. They are inhuman. We exaggerated their significance. They made us feel inferior. Europe reduced Europe to fifty works of genius which it never understood. Just think of this outrageous inequality: millions of Europeans signifying nothing, against fifty names signifying everything! Class inequality is but an insignificant shortcoming compared to this insulting metaphysical inequality, which turns some into grains of sand while endowing others with the meaning of being!’

5.       … she blushed, it is a beautiful thing when a woman blushes; at that instant her body no longer belongs to her; she doesn’t control it; she is at its mercy; oh, can there be anything more beautiful than the sight of a woman violated by her own body!

6.       ‘Literature will die out, and stupid poetic phrases will remain to drift over the world,’ I remarked.

7.       And at that moment I understood him at last: if we cannot accept the importance of the world, which considers itself important, if in the midst of that world our laughter finds no echo, we have but one choice: to take the world as a whole and make it the object of our game; to turn it into a toy.

-Milan Kundera

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