martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

A daughter's unattainable freedom (I)

It’s time for you to be responsible
to stop dreaming of utopias and poems
this is life, you hear me?
it’s not literature.

Sit down properly
obey the law
smile at those who give you compliments
smile at those who don’t.

Do not use strangers’ toilets
unless you need to puke your food
comply and please others
do not please yourself
that’s how she taught her
the meaning of the word sacrifice.

Innocence, the corrupted virtue
of the daughter
sleeps in a bed of withered flowers
she did not learn how to fake chastity.

Feel indebted to me forever
and learn that the worst neurosis
is that of a mother convinced that
 she’s given up everything for her daughter.

Genealogy creates the worst kind of slaves
the emotionally indebted descendants,
those raised in the shadow of a reactionary spasm
- sentimentalism over reason -
a crown and a whip
for the unattainable freedom of the daughter.


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