martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

I Lost (CR)


I’ll see you in the future
she said
waving her right hand and moving away
how to forget a story like that
how to confront reality for what it was.

We respect your decision
they say
but still we will impose you ours
that’s what honesty means these days.

What type of stupidity leads men to abandon their beliefs
what type of society rots its members into uniformity
you’re enslaved to conform
you’re enslaved to make them happy.

Ostracism: that’s all you will get for following your own path
be ready for exclusion
be ready for oblivion
or die complying with their rules.

She hated them
and she hated everything they loved and made her love
but still when the time came
she said goodbye.

I’ll see you in the future
she said
knowing that the future was always a step ahead
and she’ll never be able to reach it.

She’ll live her days recalling every moment she had lost
frustration, guilt and pity eating her inside
hatred wrinkling her skin
pain intoxicating her lungs.

Where has her life gone to
take me there
she would cry during the nightmarish nights
but there was no healing.

She sits on her scars and pleads for more time
while knowing it is precisely time she’s lacking
she remembers so well
and her memories are praying mantis eating their partners.

I’ve been a tool
an instrument that kills and tickles at the same time
I made everyone die and laugh
but I forgot to die and laugh myself.

I lost.


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