jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Jean Améry, Fragment from his essay On Suicide

Jean Amery

The Road to The Open

... Still: a requirement of life is here - and not only here- the demand to escape a life lacking in dignity, humanity, and freedom. And so death becomes life, just as from the moment of birth life is already a process of dying. And now negation all at once becomes something positive, even if good for nothing. Logic and dialectic fail in tragicomic agreement. What counts is the option of the subject. But the survivors are right: for what are dignity, humanity, and freedom in preference to smiling, breathing, and striding? What is value against right and being correct? Dignity in opposition to the provision of every form of being dignified? And humanity against a human being as a living, smiling, breathing, striding creature?

Things don't go well with potential suicides and haven't turned out the best for suicides. We ought not  to deny them respect for what they have done and left undone., we ought not to deny them concern, especially since we ourselves do not cut such a splendid figure. We look lamentable, anyone can see that. And so, subdued and in an orderly manner, with lowered heads, we want to offer a lament for those who departed from us in freedom.

- Jean Améry

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