lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

There’s so much death when you come inside me, CR VocalesVerticales


There’s so much death when you come inside me
rivers of mentally-ill and dead children
it only makes our love more pure.
I drink your death and swallow it
it tastes of tragedy.

Looking at you opposite me in the bath,
I realize you redefine beauty
with your recollections of ambiguous forms of sorrow
ancient, like love and ruins
you could be a woman and yet, you're slightly better.
You smile while reading Levinas
and we both pity those who suffer
mutual incomprehension.

Once again your death is inside me
my womb becomes a cemetery of dead children
and you stop to appreciate the beauty
I’m so glad,
nothing shall ever leave my body alive
except you,
my love.

We couldn’t possibly call this coincidence.

Instead, you suck my blood
I’ll be a man or a woman
whatever you prefer that day
but I’ll always bleed
and you’ll open your majestic mouth
to drink my death full of flowers.

You love me,
of course you do
I’m the coffin of your little children
the guardian of your ego and frustrations
I’m an open wound and I never heal.

I want to feel an immense grief again
so I make love to you
the purest love in the world cannot be named
except by death.

Our bed is a wasteland of shadows
full of life, even in it's deadliest of forms...


You can also see this poem published  at: https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Poetry/12472#sthash.PecEZDht.dpuf

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