domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

It takes nothing... CR- VocalesV

He will buy me a horse and an easel to paint him. I'll live in a big farm where all the non-sense of the city is forgotten. I'll paint while he takes photos with his canon and we'll drink lemonade with cocaine lines on the grass. We're pass the point of looking cool while snorting, it's only recreational. We'll enjoy our deux à deux sort of loneliness, people are a waste of time, with few exceptions. I'll have a cow and a bull, ducklings, chickens, dogs, cats and birds. All of them will be free, for oblivion never learned how to take away their freedom after centuries of unjust slavery. Humans and their insanity. I do not doubt the existence of emotional consciousness in animals, except when it comes to humans. We'll listen to Mahler and Beirut and we'll dance under the soft sun of Normandy. We'll feel happiness, repulsion and suddenly complete horror. Yes, it takes no effort  in love for complete madness to suck us. 

CR- VocalesV

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