jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2015

The Distance that separates us, CR VocalesV


There were so many things to say in those days full of rain and free beers.
My head spinning, cold and distant, as usual.
Your head buried in one of your books:
sing me a song, just sing me a new song.
Your nights were longer than mine, I wonder how many hours did you watch me sleep,
did I look so cold and distant then?
Coffee in the morning, I hated black coffee, but I loved to hear you talking.
Then, the eternal silence and the peace of loneliness
that we both knew and appreciated so well...
We both had the smell of those who have no future.
It was deeper than dying.
My brief moments of inspiration are attached to the littlest things,
 like a dead bird in the middle of the road or the smile of a man who’s about to die.
 Little things never made great poems.

I tried to photograph a crow that reminded me of you,
but he wouldn't let me, so I chased him, I chased him until exhausted,
we both drank water together, before he poked my eyes off.
I have left it all behind and I feel lighter than ever,
but my character is prone to defeat and desolation
and there is nothing I can do about it.
There's so much solitude when the music stops.

One night I danced with your corpse on a boat,
the band was playing tango,
you grabbed my hips, squeezing, and the band played another song;
then the owner of the boat announced that what we had looked a lot like love, and we laughed, holding love on a leash, submissive and prisoner.
That was before you found me bleeding with a knife next to me:
'love is bleeding' I said with a weak voice, while you hold me tight
as I repeated your name in pain.
That night I dreamed of you and me in a yellow combi crossing South America
as I repeated your name in front of the dead

Your eyes were full of sadness.
We have changed, now we’re happy if someone steals our suitcases
so we can travel empty handed.
Yet, you saw it once and you will see it again:
Soon, I will think I have died and death will mean repeating your name forever. 

- VocalesV

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