martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

Families, Poem by Fatimah Asghar

My boyfriend picks up his bloodline
like a simple phone call.

He has a whole book he's never opened
on an uncle murdered in The Sudan.

On christmas, we find his grandmother
hid him a gift before she even knew

he existed - a binder full of recipes
pulled from each corner of his blood.


My best friend says the word granddaddy
and it sails from her lips.

Even after they buried him, my best friend
Says granddaddy and a thousand horses

gallop, brandishing his flag. She says his name
and her spine becomes a mermaid, the whole

house oceans. My best friend says granddaddy,
each syllable honeyed with love and there he is -

sitting at the table, as though he's never left.


I say family and shine a light into a graveyard
I say mother and the word dies before I finish.

- Fatimah Asghar

Poem by Fatimah Asghar.
*Photo: Marina Abramovic

*Music in the background: Alexandre Desplat

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