martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

Indifference, IC VocalesV


I didn’t bury anyone to get this far,
I only swallowed a few souls
and broke some promises
I made
knowing I would never deliver on.

I didn’t kill
even if I wanted to,
I opted for some conciliatory terms
that made no sense
but gave me peace.

That’s what they said.

I was born in a prison,
I’m not saying this figuratively.
I was born in a dark cell.
Have you ever been to one?
Have you ever approached a man
who has lost everything
except his humanity?

No, you haven’t.
A prison must seem a faraway place for you
a wonderland, perhaps.
Like Chernobyl is a touristic place
for tourists,
or a place of creation
for artists.

Where is home for you?
Someone asked me
and I looked at him
and forced myself to smile:
home is where I am right now
for as long as I stay.

There is something beautiful in this lack of identity
abandonment, I guess
or even better, indifference.


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