domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017


NYC, 2016

Herbert Marcuse wrote one day that Western culture is inherently repressive, for it sacrifices happiness for social progress.

And he was so right... HE WAS SO RIGHT!

It is so sad: we live in a "progressive society" full of unhappy individuals. We are all victims of a system imposed by elites, that suck up all of our happiness but promise us a future. Like a rapist caressing the victim's hair after the violence.

And yet all other countries try to emulate Western states, all other people try to emulate Western people, while the West tries to make it clear: there are plenty of differences between us. And goes on to define itself through its sounding differences with "the others." The others will resemble the West only as far as the West allows them to resemble it, insofar as it fits its interests.

Western culture cannot exist without "the others:" that portion of the world that is backwards, slow, and so non-western; those minorities that do not resemble the white males from the West, but that are so needed because the oppressors need to construct their opposites.

I finish my heartfelt discourse and he tells me "You're hyper-sensitive, feelings have overtaken your objectivity." He kisses my forehead and leaves.

Sometimes he's so establishment and I'm a firm believer of the Frankfurt School. Love can be weird.

CR- VocalesV

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