viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

A Squirrel on the tree, CR VocalesV

Marina Abramovic, Green Dragon (1989)

There are two worlds running parallel in my veins.
In the first one I’m alive,
I listen to Tom Waits while drinking Mate
and keep on insisting on writing the poems that no one cares to read
or publish.
And I’m happy, I mean, I have intense intervals of happiness,
before sadness strikes again like a jealous lover.
I read with him by my side, I hug him,
and we make love, like two lascivious aliens.
Some days we have casual guests
and we enjoy seducing them together and buy them some wine
before going to bed in a collective hug.

In the second world
I’m dead.
I hung myself from a tube in the ceiling
and they only found me three days later.
I still had my shoes on, and an open book on my bed.
I left a note with all my passwords where I asked
to be forgotten.
The last thing I saw before leaving for good
was the face of a squirrel on the tree, right in front of my window,
her eyes were full of questions that I just couldn’t answer.

And in between these two realities:
the powerful force of love,
and an everlasting grief.

- CR VocalesV

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